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A Good Template Makes Your Site More Successful

By: Alexi Snider

Templates are the most important part of a successful website. Every successful site on the web has some sort of overall design structure, which adds to its beauty. A good structural design of headers, footers, navigation, and good content adds a user-friendly base to get around even in complicated sites. Fortunately, you can find a number of pre made templates that will set up a base for your website and all you need to do is enter your personalized text to make a site, which you desire. Many templates can be found free of cost on the internet.

Now, what is a Template? It is a page for your website that needs to be created only once which includes all the link structure information and designs with the content of each page either left blank or right blank. You then can make a copy of your desired template for each page and can fill in the content, rename it. Browsing a site which has different colour pages and has navigation links in different places can be frustrating at times.

So where to look for free templates that will give you a start? One place where you can find good templates easily is right in your web hosting panel. Most of the web hosts today use the common interface software called cPanel. It includes various types of different template options right in the site builders tab. No pre-existing knowledge is needed to work in cpanel as some of the options even have step by step methods on how to create. You just have to follow the steps and a template will be created for you according to your desire.

If you want your own custom template with some specific likings and features then there are many template files directly available for download, which will give you the type of template, which you can edit, and fill in just like any other HTML file.

Both free and pay templates are available on the template sites. You can simply Google "website template" or "free website templates" and you will have a large number of options. Usually the pay ones are designed in a better way, and they have a very less probability that other sites have the same template as that of yours.

Wordpress blog is another great option to build a site, which nowadays is becoming one of the most popular methods of site building. They are very simple to create. It just uses small form in your web-hosting panel and once you have the access to the Wordpress admin dashboard, it has a very easy way to find "theme" area that has hundreds of free blog templates to choose from and these templates are very adaptable to almost any site that you desire for.

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