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Free Revolution Church Blogger Templates : Updated Versions

Revolution Church was one of the successful WordPress Converted Blogger Template of Bloganol which is able to gain more than 2000 download from Bloganol and thousands from other linked sites.Although it was good but it has also got some drawbacks which must be maintained.So to overcome with these problems we have updated the previous version of Revolution Church Blogger Template.

These Updated versions are able to overcome some of the drawbacks of the previous versions and also has got more features than the previous versions which tries to give the Template the real look of original wordpress theme.

Updated Version simple V1

Updated Version advance V2

Template Featured
  • Revolution church has 3 Column template and fixed width at right column
  • This template is optimized to Advertising
  • This template has date at header left.
  • Has got two CSS Menu
  • This template is Magazine style and has a profesional look...


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