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Elegant Blogger Templates for Movie Review

These 3 templates was made by Maskolis in Creating Website especially for those who love movie collection. There's 3 styles color, they are black, white and green, easy to navigated.  Just download it, open xml template with wordpad and then copy into your Edit HTML. This templates suitable for gallery movie content blog with daily updates. But you can use it for any gallery images content for your blog.

Features :
  1. 5 column blogger
  2. Easy loading with elegant looks,
  3. Automatic slider Carousel for your recent post
  4. 1 right sidebar
  5. 3 columns footer
  6. Navigation drop down menu
  7. Grid and list style
  8. Pagination for blogger ready
  9. Clean design template, and many more.
Johny Joss Banget

Johny Ember

Johny Light Banget

And for cuztomisation this templates, visit this link for more detail :

Cuztomisation Template Blogger for Movie Review

Are you looking some templates for gallery content, especially for your template or theme collection? So you should go to visit this following link :

2 Templates Blogger for Gallery Theme


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